The photographs on this website were taken during travels in Greece, in February, May, June and July 2002.
All the visited places are not yet presented, and all the photographs are not yet on line.


Capital of Greece, Athens is the most populated town, and the most polluted too. It counts nevertheless number of curiosities and collections which are the witnesses of its rich history.


Larissa is the main town of province of Thessalia. Inhabited since 6000 years BC, the town is today an important regional econonic center. It is also a important communications croos roads of the country.

Around Larissa

Some visits near Larissa.


Monasteries of Meteors (Meteora : hung in the air) were established on the 14th century.


Once navel of the world, according to the ancient greek mythology, Delphi is famous for having been the main site of devotion to Apollo, for the Pythia goddess and her oracles, and for the Pythian Games, which were held every four years.


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